Monday, 28 May 2012

An unexpected Gropper

Monday 28th May
A warm night, clear skies, no wind.

This morning's report really felt like last night's birding, as the wife accompanied me round some of TR16 woods and scrub listening for Nightingales as part of the night survey for the BTO. We started at midnight, and finished a little earlier than the last night visit, just after 2am, as I had to be up for work in a few hours.

Once again there were several singing birds, this time north of Thornden Woods, and in passing, also in Church Woods.

The 'highlight' I heard out the car window whilst slowly driving towards Greenhill was a Grasshopper Warbler in full song, not far into a field. Even the wife was impressed with that one.


  1. Hi Derek, good spot on the Grasshopper Warbler! Where abouts was it because I've been wandering around the fields but haven't heard one despite my best efforts!

    1. Hi Dan, it was at approximately TR654 152, roughly between Frog's end farm and Ruckinge Farm, on the west of Thornden Wood Road. I didn't make an exact note of it's location as I was really only out for the Nightingales, but if it's reeling next time i'm out I will make a more accurate note of it's location. Surprised it was singing in the dead of night.