Sunday, 6 May 2012

An evening stroll at Reculver

Sunday 6th May 2012 Cold, dry, overcast, N/E breeze. I was glad to get out for a walk this evening after a weekend of wedding and hangover, and I reached Chambers Wall at 4 o'clock this afternoon. The wind had dropped, and I was hoping to maybe hear the Grasshopper Warbler found by Marc Heath early this morning. Just before the car park I met Mark Chidwick as he was leaving, and he told me about a Spotted Flycatcher around the car park bushes, which was helpful. After parking, within a couple of minutes I had found the flycatcher, which was still quite active even in the cool evening air.
I strolled slowly up to Coldharbour, and on route had a Hobby fly fast overhead. I could hear 3 Lesser Whitethroats singing around the hedges, and there were Willow Warbler, Chiffchaff, Sedge and Reed Warblers and Whitethroats all singing. A Common Sandpiper was in Coldharbour. I walked west along the seawall, and there were a few Yellow Wagtails flying around the fields. One landed on the sea wall, but as I readied myself for a photo, 2 cyclists came steaming past and scared the bird off. Two things I don't understand about cyclists. Firstly, why do they try to hold a conversation with their cycle companion whilst struggling for breath riding the bike? They end up shouting incoherently at each other, everyone for miles around gets to hear the conversation and any wildlife is frightened away. Why not peddle for all they're worth, then stop for a chat afterwards? Secondly, really, why the bright day-glo fluorescent jackets? This couple had a bright yellow and a bright pink jacket, yet there was no traffic to worry about, and no imminent blanket of fog about to engulf everyone. They could be seen for miles and miles. There were 2 Wheatears on the rocks west of Coldharbour, and a few waders on the shore.
The light was starting to fade.
I walked inland at the oyster farm, and as I approached the southeast corner I could see there was a large area of lovely looking mud, with 1 or 2 waders on. By the time I reached the corner, the waders were out of sight, so I hung around for a while hoping to get a decent sighting. Eventually I had to try to get a look at them, so I tried to get closer, but unfortunately they took off before I got a chance for a good view. However, I kept watching as 2 waders climbed high. One was a Dunlin, the other a smaller wader which called twice. A Little Ringed Plover. Cracking stuff, it made the whole walk worthwhile. I could also hear a Greenshank calling unseen. Other birds seen on the rest of my walk were 2 Grey Partridges and a Hepatic female Cuckoo, but no singing Gropper.


  1. Glad you got the Spot Fly, Derek.L.R.always tricky at Reculver.

    1. Glad it was calling as it flew over, make I.D so much easier :-)