Monday, 28 May 2012

Nightjars and friends

Monday 28th May A warm, clear, still evening. At around 8.30pm this evening I decided to take a walk into Church Woods. I am fortunate that my garden backs onto the woods, so it's only a 10 minute stroll to the best area for listening for Nightjars. A couple of Woodcocks flew overhead, and 2 Nightingales were singing when I arrived, and just after 9 o'clock a Nightjar started 'churring' close-by. It sang for a long time, then relocated position and started again. A few more short flight views later, and it settled no more than 40 yards from me at the top of a dead tree. What a fantastic bird. As darkness drew in, I had several sightings of a Hobby, and a Tawny Owl was calling. A second Nighjar started churring for a while, and at 10pm I set off for home.

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