Wednesday, 7 September 2011

In search of a rare plant...

Wednesday 7th September 2011
Strong (F6) westerly winds, bright and warm

Poor weather for birding again today, I was still tempted out this morning, reaching Chambers Wall around half eight. I started out along the east of the hedge running north, keeping out the fierce wind, hoping some migrants might be sheltering. It was really quite pleasant, but very quiet, apart from a few Chaffinches and singing Robins, and several calling Chiffs (I counted 8 in total).

I had a call from Tim Hodge around 9am, suggesting we walk up to the oyster farm to look for a rare plant he had been tipped off was growing there. Pleased of the company I sauntered slowly up to the embankment while Tim made his way to catch me up. We both had a Grey Wagtail fly west, and enjoyed a young Hobby hunting along the dyke by the sea wall.

There were at least 4 Wheatears feeding along the footpath and on the beach, which was nice.

Following rather ambiguous directions we started searching for the plant. I had no idea what I was looking for, Tim just said it was a rather thin plant with a small yellow flower, which may or may not be out at the moment. There were yellow flowered plants everywhere, which made it even harder to find the mystery plant. After some prompting, Tim agreed to use his mobile to find a picture on the internet, so we at least knew what to look for.

It didn't take long to realise we had very little chance of finding our quarry, so Tim agreed to find out a bit more before we would return another day. Still, it was a lovely walk, and great to get out for some fresh air and have a chat about better days and past holidays.

Walking back we had lovely views of a confiding Stonechat and a Whinchat.


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