Monday, 12 September 2011

Goodbye Chesk

Monday 12th September
Very windy, F6-7 south westerly. Warm, sunny and dry.

Surprise surprise, the wind was howling from the south west again today. This is turning into the most disappointing September for birding I can remember.

Anyway, yesterday was an emotional day for me. My wife (Steph) and I took our daughter Francesca (Chesk) to Anglia Ruskin Uni in Cambridge. Driving away was so hard, but they grow up and move on. I'm looking forward to the Christmas holidays already :-)

The last supper

When I got up today I really could have done with a long day out birding, but instead, because the weather was miserable, I mooched around the house all morning. Eventually I dragged myself up to Reculver towers after lunch in the hope that somoething would be displaced into our bit of the North Sea. I had just got out the car when Chris arrived, so we stood in some shelter at the towers and managed 4 Little Terns, a few Common and Sandwich Terns, and unusually, a pair of Gadwall flew west.

If the wind was in exactly the opposite direction we would have spent the whole day there, counting skuas and more, and yet the winds have ensured next to nothing is to be seen.

Perhaps the end of the week will be better?

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