Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Silver-spotted Skippers

Wednesday 10th August

I went over to Chambers Wall this morning and wandered up to the embankment, then over to Cold Harbour. I had only just set off when i could hear a commotion, looked up and a juv Marsh Harrier was upsetting the Swallows and finches. In a stubble field to the west I could hear Golden Plover calling, and counted approximately 25 birds. Then the Marsh Harrier flew across the stubble field and put all the plovers up, and I counted 54 of them flying back and forth, as they tried regaining enough confidence to settle back in the field. Just shows how hard it is to count birds when they are in fields!

There were about 25 Yellow Wagtails along the fields and hedges, and around 40 Whitethroats along the embankment. A couple of Whimbrel flew over calling, and 3 Common Sandpipers were in Cold Harbour. Walking back to the car a Sparrowhawk flew over, again causing the Swallows to create much chatter.

A call from Marc Heath to say he was watching Silver-spotted Skippers near Lydden hurried my return to the car, and after a flask of coffee and some snacks I set off for Lydden.

This time I walked to an area where the skippers have been seen regularly, and within a few minutes I was watching one at close range. I found a couple of Silver-spotted Skippers, as well as a couple of Dingy Skippers, and a few blues.

Such excitement over such a small butterfly!

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