Monday, 22 August 2011

An early walk before work

Monday 22nd August

Being on a late shift at work today, I took the opportunity to have a couple of hours fresh air early this morning. I set off from Chambers Wall at about 7 o'clock and walked slowly up to Cold Harbour. It was quiet today, most of the breeding warblers seem to have cleared out, although still a few Whitethroats about, and several Blackcaps. There are a few Swallows lingering along the Wantsum, and their alarm calls alerted me to a Sparrowhawk which flew past. The light was still low so not a great picture.

Sparrowhawk- Derek Smith

A Wheatear was nice to see just south of Cold Harbour, but there were no waders in Cold Harbour lagoon as usual, but there was quite a stiff northerly breeze, so I sat on the beach for a while but couldn't see much moving. I wondered whether there might be a bit of a seawatch from the towers, but it was too late for me as I had to head back to the car.

A stroll along the embankment was pleasant, with large flocks of Linnets, and more Whitethroats, but not a lot else.

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