Sunday, 15 July 2012

Willow Emerald Damselfly

Sunday 15th July 2012
Mostly cloudy, 19C with westerly breeze.

I arrived back in Kent late Friday evening after 6 days in the Brenne. Mostly the weather was poor, which rather took the edge off the trip. The locals said it is the worst summer they can remember. However, we did enjoy our time, and once I have looked through the photos I shall put a short trip report up.

Anyway, today I decided to have a trip Reculver to see if the Small Red-eyed Damselflies were out yet, but just before leaving I noticed a bird behaving rather unusually at the bottom of the garden. It appeared to be ripping something up, so I grabbed the bins and saw a large female Sparrowhawk eating a Woodpigeon. She sat for a while, long enough for me to take a few pics through the double glazing.

I spent a while at Reculver, but failed to locate many Odonata, the wind was rather strong, making it quite unpleasant. Next I took a trip to Marshside to look for Willow Emeralds. Having seen quite a few in France last week I figured they should be out here soon.

After some considerable time and effort I eventually located 5 Willow Emerald Damselflies sitting in the low vegetation over the river, very well concealed. Of course, I gave photography my best shot, but the sun was completely hidden behind a large hedge, and the damselflies were a little way off, so this isn't much more than a record shot.

Little else of note, apart from a couple of Whimbrel high over south, and a pair of Turle Doves.

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