Sunday, 29 July 2012

Many damselflies

Saturday 28th July 2012
Warm, overcast and s/w breeze.

This morning I spent a few hours looking for various damselflies. First stop was another walk at Marshside to see if the numbers of Willow Emeralds had increased over the last couple of weeks. It was quite dull when I arrived, and it took ages to locate a couple of them, high in some trees, but a little later the sun came out and I was able to find at least 9 Willow Emeralds, though there probably quite a few more around.

I was joined by a few more dragonfly enthusiasts looking for the same damselflies as me, so I wandered up the road a bit, and looking over the small river I managed to find quite a few Red-eyed Damselflies, sitting on the floating vegetation. Then the sun came out again and suddenly there were damselflies all over the river, and quite a few Small Red-eyeds appeared, as well as Common Blue and Blue-taileds.

Another wander back to see the Willow Emeralds revealed quite a few within range of the enthusiastic photographers gathered around the hedge, and then it was off home for me.

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  1. Great account Derek and good to see these lovely images.