Sunday, 10 July 2011

The wrong woods

Saturday 2nd July was an early start, driving over to Lenham to carry out a TTV. I have really enjoyed doing the TTVs in areas where I would never normally go birding, finding some nice birds on my travels.

As usual it was a 2 hour visit, starting off walking around a housing estate, then moving out across the wider countryside.

Once complete I decided to carry on driving west in Kent to Dene Park, near Tonbridge to a sight for Purple Emperor butterfly. I didn't have a map, but how difficult could it be to find a great big woodland? Well not easy as I can vouch, as I got very lost and in the end pulled over in a layby along the A227 just so I could at least get out for a walk. I still don't know where I was walking, but I did enjoy my time there.

Next I drove to Troseley CP to look for Dark Green Fritillary. Again I had a lovely walk, and again I failed to find the butterfly I was after. However, on this occasion I had a bonus in the form of a female Beautiful Demoiselle, my first sighting in Kent, so I went home happy.

Actually, I didn't go home at all, I drove to Reculver to look for dragonflies. I managed to photograph a female Emperor Dragonfly ovipositing at Brook, i've been trying to get a picture of one of these fantastic dragonflies at Reculver for ages:

There were loads of common butterflies and damselflies enjoying the warm sun, and i saw my first Small Heath of the year.

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