Sunday, 10 July 2011


Living so close to one of the best Nightjar spots in the county, I really ought to go and listen to them more often. Monday 27th June was a very warm, still evening so I took myself into Church Woods just before 9pm.

I was just walking up to the heathland site about a 10 minute walk from home when I heard a short burst of churring. Soon after I was joined by a lady out for the evening as well, and we were treated to a fantastic show, with at least 4 male birds churring, wing-clapping and hawking around us until nearly 10 o'clock.

It seems a shame to leave when the birds are still singing, but it was getting quite dark and I couldn't see anuthing so I wandered home, counting gloworms on the way. Back at home there were 2 gloworms in the garden, a highlight each year for me to find them out on the lawn. They glow so bright they can be seen from the bedroom window!

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