Wednesday, 10 July 2013

A couple of woodland walks

Monday 8th July. Warm, sunny and the continuing n/e breeze. Despite having the day off work, home life restriced my opporunities to get out in the sun. Eventually I managed a walk in Church Woods behind the house, and although I only had a couple of hours it was lovely to be outdoors. The butterflies were restricted in variety, but plentiful in numbers, with many Ringlets and Meadow Browns in the verge grasses and ferns. I was hoping to see some Heath Fritillaries again this year, and in the same spot as the last couple of years there were a few easily seen, but not the large numbers seen in other local woods. However, what was rather pleasing on the wander round the woods was coming across more Heath Fritillaries in 3 more areas of the woods I've not seen them I before. The habitat now looks prefect and it's obvious the woods are being managed to encourage them to colonise. I also saw a few Speckled Woods, Common Blues and a single Common Darter.
Tuesday 9th July - weather as yesterday. Another frustrating day at home, I didn't get out until early afternoon and made the decision to have a look around Denge Woods for Marbled Whites. My notes froma couple of years ago suggest they should be plentiful by now. It was a really noce, peaceful walk, and eventually I came across around 20 Marbled Whites, full of energy in the warm sun. There were a few warblers still singing including Blackcap, Garden Warbler and Whitethroat, plus a Sparrowhawk drifted overhead.


  1. A nice session Derek. The camera is treating you well I see.

    1. Enjoying using the camera, Marc, and enjoying some summer sunshine at last.

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