Sunday, 30 June 2013

A few more insects in the sun

Sunday 30th June 2013. Very warm, sunny and dry with a light breeze. This morning started with a return to Thornden Woods where I enjoyed the Heath Fritillaries in large numbers, and very active even before 8am.
Then I took a trip over to Chambers Wall to look for damselflies. There were stacks of Red-eyeds on the floating vegetation, but they are quite twitchy as I approach. Must be nice to be a little shorter in stature and able to creep up on insects without spooking them. I found a little spot where a Red-eyed kept flying off and returning so I lay down in the grass and muddy edge of the river and waited. Eventually the damselfly I had been watching came back and I took a few photos.
A walk along the wantsum was really enjoyable and relaxing, and a little surprise was disturbing a Kingfisher from a tree along the water's edge. Not often seen in this part of Reculver in mid-summer. Later I had a walk around Shuart where i saw my first Painted Lady of the year, though it wasn't very approachable. Altogether a lovely morning, spoilt slightly by the hayfever taking hold by late morning. It became all too much so I headed home around 1pm for some lunch and a bit of time with the family.

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