Monday, 12 March 2012

All fogged out

Monday 12th March
A bright start, becoming cold and foggy, light N/W winds, 7 C

I set off in hazy sunshine from Blean, reaching the towers just after 7.30am. I was expecting the sun to break through the light mist, but not long after reaching the Oyster farm i realised it was going to be a typical misty sea-breeze on the north Kent coast. They rarely disappear this time of year.

There were also several large caterpillar-wheeled 'diggers' on the beach shoving the shingle up the beach, presumably a coastal defense project. I hope none of the Ringed Plovers have started nesting yet.

I abandoned the walk, having seen very little. The 4 Eider were on the sea, about 8 Shelduck on the oyster farm, and a selection of gulls of different ages for me to look through.

A Goldcrest was singing in the garden on my return.

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